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I wish i had a screwdriver...

30 March
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ok me, hmmm.... what about me? i dunno.... i've looked at other people's mini-biographies in their Infos, and i've seen song lyrics.... how does that serve as a biography? theres no way one verse of a song can entangle however long u've been alive, or even come close to biographic.... i mean, it MIGHT describe u on like monday, july 27th, 1973 or sumthing like that, but i dont think it describes sumone for forever.... i like to observe and write my thoughts on it.... i guess im more introvert than extrovert, but i can never be totally one or the other....

dont let them scare you....

sweet josephine, will you follow me home?

hokay, i've decided that, rather than delete this bio and come up with something new, i'll keep it and just type more.... i mean, there isnt a limit on there things, are there? if there were, that'd kinda suck balls.... like huge balls.... like elephant balls.... have you seen elephant balls?... no?.... well, me neither.... but elephants are so huge, you'd kind of expect them to have absolutly GIANT balls, ya know?.... can anyone confirm the fact that elephants have giant balls?